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One of the most popular interior design trends in recent years is Scandinavian. The style focuses on functionality and comfort where the theory of ‘less is more’ is applied to build a sense of simplicity. The style is often used in small-sized houses or apartments due to its space-liberating effect.

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of the Scandinavian interior design trend:


Neutral Colours

The Scandinavian style is associated with neutrality especially when it comes to the colour palette, revolving around whites, greys, blacks and browns. This is often achieved with white walls to emphasise light, natural textures such as wood for the flooring and furniture, and very little addition of accentuating colours. This combination creates a relaxing and balanced ambience.


Clutter is definitely avoided in any Scandinavian design, and the purpose of a room is to maximize the use of space to provide comfort. Furniture is arranged not to hinder the movement of the occupants, but rather so that the space can be used effectively and functionally. Simple furniture is added without any other surrounding distractions. The addition of simple cabinets and shelves assist in creating a tidy and well-kept space.

Natural Look Floor ing

The floor plays a major part of any Scandinavian design, adding to the atmosphere of spaciousness and simplicity. Carpet and floor coverings are often not used, the style instead relying on natural timber material, whether polished or whitewashed. The purpose is to bring warmth whilst still creating a feeling of vastness. Grey plastered floor and white ceramic tile can also be good choices to enhance such a Scandinavian interior look.

Minimal Window Decorations

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